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Charity Quiz

Try your luck and knowledge with these questions

Which facial feature did the
Mona Lisa not have?
What do the initials BAFTA™ stand for?
Wrigley chewing gum was the first product in the world to have what?
A starfish has how many legs?
The song 'I know him so well' came from
which hit musical?
The US air base at Greenham Common
can be found in which county?
What model car did Mr.Bean own?
Whose embassy was stormed by the SAS in 1980?
What was the title of Dan Brown's second book about the Illuminati at the Vatican?
Albert de Salvo was the real name of which notorious murderer?
Which european city did Michael Jackson dangle his baby over the balcony in?
Which artist won an award
for a messed up bed?
Which is the most northerly town
on the Isle of White?
What is the main british actors
newspaper called?
What does 'beth'mean in the word Bethlehem?
house,hill or temple?
On a Monopoly board,which of the 4 railway stations
in real life is the smallest?
Which racecourse is the Oaks
run on each year?
Which Brockenhurst pub was named after
the legendary 'Brusher'Mills?
What colour is the
starboard light on a ship?
Who were the first premiership football team
to field an all foreign starting line up?

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