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Mudeford & District Men's Club

Tuesdays 9.00pm


Non members are allowed to enter and play in this popular and friendly club.

Entry Fee

Quiz starts at 9pm.No team limits and entry fee is only a £1.50 per player collected at half-time.

The 20 question general knowledge quiz has a first prize of £30 each week with a 'roll-over'pot increasing by £5 per week for any team that gets all questions correct.

Other quiz parts are the 'top ten'question,musical 'bit n'pieces' and picture round. All winners receive £10. There is also a 'roll-over'pot increasing by £5 per week for all pictures correct.

At 10pm there is a 'play-your-cards'right game open to all teams which has a 'roll-over'pot which has reached £400! - if no one wins then the last card turned gets £5.

There is good music played throughout the evening and with one of the cheapest bar prices around this evening is not to be missed!

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